Narayani's War on Flu

Health officials are telling us that this year's seasonal flu vaccine isn't protecting people from the main strain of flu, with evidence revealing that the jab is only preventing three out of every 100 vaccinated people from developing the symptoms, whereas normally the flu jab works in 50 out of every 100. (

So even if you usually rely on an annual flu shot, this year's statistics are revealing that you're still likely to be vulnerable, vaccinated or not.

What did I do when flu hit on my partner?

Firstly, I was a little surprised when he came home early from work, as he is generally really healthy and rarely gets ill. It was quite dramatic, in fact; noisy coughing, continuous sneezing and a sudden drop in energy. "Man flu" crossed my mind. When I saw him close up, though, I realised that the high fever, sweating and extreme exhaustion were for real. He was (and felt) extremely hot, was sweaty and needed to go straight to bed.


I reached for my bottle General Flu Mix (aka GFM), one of the homeopathic Narayani Remedies, and gave him a dose. He fell asleep soon afterwards, and when he woke up an hour or so later, I repeated the dose and made sure he drank some water. While he was sleeping, I dug out the Chest Pills (Narayani Mix 8) for his rather severe cough, and War (Narayani Mix 35) to tackle the infection and inflammation that were evidently in his body.

When he woke, he was sweating profusely and complaining of a bad headache. I gave him a dose of War to address it directly, knowing that the Pyrogenium and Belladonna components of the remedy are great for "bursting headaches". After also drinking some water, he fell asleep again. About half an hour later, an outburst of coughing woke him, so I gave him a dose of Chest Pills and some more War.

This continued for the rest of the afternoon, with me administering a remedy every half an hour or so when he was awake, alternating between GFM and War, plus Chest Pills when the coughing was bad. I also made sure my patient was staying hydrated, as he continued to be feverish and sweating "bucket-loads".

Over the next few days, the fever was gone in the mornings, only to return albeit mildly late afternoon, maybe even disappearing totally at night. On the second day, the hot fever had turned into a "shivering fever", so I gave him a dose of Arsenicum 200c and ordered him into a hot bath. Post bath he went straight to bed and slept.

Nourishment came in the form of soups; chicken soup, chicken noodle broth, tomato soup and minestrone were the top requests. The patient had no energy and coughing made him feel worse, so I continued giving the three Narayani remedies as before, but by now at two to three hour intervals. The headache had not returned after the initial one on the first day, but the cough played with us, coming and going, at one moment apparently better - even seemingly gone for a few hours - only to return, usually at night.

On the fourth day, my partner visited the GP "just to make sure", as he thought he ought to be better by now. The GP's verdict, that my partner had a virus and was probably suffering from flu, meant there were no antibiotics prescribed, just instructions to rest, keep warm and drink plenty of fluids. So we continued with the Narayani remedies, War twice a day, and Cough Mix every two or three hours, depending on the severity of the cough (GFM was no longer required in my view as the fever had gone and the War components addressed the remaining symptoms).


All in all, the patient returned to work on day seven of his illness, having recovered enough strength and having slept a lot and rested. He had had no further fever after the third day. At the point of returning to work, the cough lingered but was manageable. By the following weekend, it had more or less disappeared fully.

Sceptics might say that my partner only had a cold, but the GP seemed to think otherwise, and my view is that he recovered quickly as he isn’t otherwise medicated, is generally very fit and well, and didn't need to reduce his fever using antipyretics.

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Written by Tina Neumann

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