Homeopathy for the modern World


Homeopathy is a system of medicine which can be utilised to address many different ailments, both acute or chronic. My aim is to resolve your health issues, no matter how big or small, and to build up your energy and confidence at the same time.


Vitality & Energy

Homeopathy can address the times when external demands exceed internal resources. In our busy high-tech, daily existence, it is easy to forget about the body's need for balance, and when this happens, we become stressed and unwell.


Health is about living the life we want to lead, and about greeting each day with enthusiasm and energy. It is about being pain free on both emotional and physical levels. It is about sleeping restoratively each night and living a creative life in the day.

Natural & Safe

Homeopathy provides a natural, safe, holistic solution to today's complex ailments. It works in harmony with the immune system and may even be used alongside other medication without producing unwanted side-effects.


Who am I?

My background, first as a City moneybroker and later as a Eurobond Trader, originally gave me an interesting and not always compliant viewpoint of alternative medicine. However, I ended up embracing it, in spite of myself, after some life altering experiences which were assisted with the help of homeopathy.