My background, first as a City moneybroker and later as a Eurobond Trader, originally gave me an interesting and not always compliant viewpoint of alternative medicine.

However, I ended up embracing it, in spite of myself, after some life altering experiences which were assisted with the help of homeopathy.

My older child's "mysterious" and conventionally unexplained stomach aches were successfully addressed; my younger child's constant skin problems suddenly healed up; and my own breast cancer, having been conventionally treated, healed up amazingly quickly under the support of my own homeopath and I "sailed through" allopathic follow-up treatment without suffering any of the usual side-effects.

Subsequently, I have been delighted and frankly amazed at the wonder that is homeopathy. I have been lucky to be able to train at the largest college in the UK, the Centre for Homeopathic Education in Regents Park, under some of the leading homeopathic practitioners in the world. The grounded, yet far reaching and practical scope of my training has provided me with a fantastic range of tools and experience to use in practice. 

I love working with people from all walks of life. Whilst I still have a strong empathy towards City workers - their stressful life and the subsequent ailments that arise from todays' hectic lifestyle - I have also developed a particular interest in treating those going through changes in their life, especially at hormonal times (both men and women!). Additionally, my experiences running a busy clinic at an asylum seeker centre have shown how truly wonderful homeopathy is at dealing with severe shock, grief and trauma, and the heavy predominance of men at this centre has given me an unusually broad insight into male health problems.  

I am accredited, insured and registered with the Society of Homeopaths.

Natural homeopathic remedies.